Youth Violence Prevention Initiative


The City of New Haven, with funding through the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division is pleased to have announced its Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Grants program [YVPI], which is funding not-for-profit, community-based or community-serving organizations that work directly with youth who reside and/or attend school in New Haven, for the purpose of providing innovative and effective programming to reduce the risk factors associated with youth violence.

YVPI funds programs which focus on [1] Youth Job Training and Readiness and [2] Youth Leadership, Mentorship and Peer Mediation; and [3] Pro-social interventions including but not limited to: literacy, physical health and wellness, social, emotional and behavioral health, mental health, sexual health, homeless youth, special needs youth, youth job readiness, youth leadership, youth mentorship and youth mediation.

Building upon existing programs and partnerships, the City of New Haven's YVPI Grants program will focus on enhancing the capacity of existing prevention and intervention strategies; specifically, the initiative will focus on the expansion of economic opportunities for youth and improved access to positive social activities.