Sports & Recreation

The New Haven Youth & Recreation department provides a host of physical and non-traditional activities geared to promote health and well-being for families and individuals through recreational activities. Our goal is to promote a healthy, safe, fun-filled environment that encourages a lifetime of wellness. 

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Fall Line Dancing

Beginners and Advanced

Indoor Tennis Lessons CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 

 Bus Departure Location:  All trips will depart from the commuter parking lot located on exit 10 off Route 91, X-1 then left at the light.  North Haven Lot A (across from the NEW Yale New Haven Hospital & Health Tracks) For more information:  Please read this TRAVEL LETTER 

Downloads (pdf)                         Activity Description


Swimming Lessons

Join us for our swimming lessons. Our experienced lifeguards will teach you how to swim with various techniques.

 Swimming Lessons Flyer 2021-2022

Open Swim

Please follow the posted pool rules in addition to:

  • Pool Rules
  • Pools capacity is limited to 25 people at this time*
  •  All participants with long hair must wear a rubber swim cap.
  •  All participants and guests are required to wear a mask at all time with exception of swimming in the pool
  •  Please arrive to the pools dressed in swim wear attire as the locker rooms and showers are not available at this time.
School Name Address & Info
 Hillhouse High School (Year Round) 480 Sherman Parkway
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Pool Rules
NO Food or Drinks allowed on deck.
NO Shoes allowed on deck.
NO Running or horseplay on the deck or in Locker rooms.
NO Relieving of your bodily functions in the pool water.
NO Gum or foul language at all.
NO Horseplay or dunking of other people in the water.
NO Diving into shallow end of the pool.
NO DIAPERS children with swim diapers must wear rubber pants over swim wear.
SHOWERS must be taken with warm water and soap before entering the water.
SWIM CAPS must be worn to cover any long hair longer than ear length.
BATHING SUITS must be worn with netting, no shorts or cutoffs. You may wear a T-shirt in the water ONLY if it is WHITE. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.
PLEASE do not touch or hang onto other people while in the water.
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Lifeguard Training Course

Here is your chance to become a Lifeguard with the City of New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees.

Contact Information
Youth & Recreation
720 Edgewood Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515
(203) 946-8020

Volleyball League
For more information visit: