2021 Book Award

About the Award

The Youth and Recreation Department Book Award is an award offered yearly, based on funding to deserving New Haven graduating seniors or New Haven alum pursuing higher education.  This Book Award is designed to recognize distinguished youth and provide our upcoming leaders the opportunity to expand their perspective of the world.

The goal of the book award is to maintain the joy in pursuing higher education and instill hope for learners and leaders of the future.

The award celebrates the spirit of youth, who we believe will populate the upper echelons of many disciplines, including literature, the arts, medicine, the sciences, international affairs, the social sciences, and engineering.

The Youth and Recreation Book Award Program is administered on behalf of the Youth and Recreation Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and seek qualities and characteristics that form the core of the Youth and Recreation Department that should be expressed and evident through their essay which should include, but not limited to:

  1. A demonstrated desire for intellectual and moral growth
  2. The strength of character necessary to employ the results of their scholarship for the betterment of society

Award Criteria


  1. The book award is applicable for all New Haven, CT graduating seniors and college undergraduates.
  2. Applicants must reside in New Haven, CT or attend/graduated from a New Haven High School.
    1. High School Students: Applicants must be entering a school of higher education in the fall of their graduating senior year. Trade school applicants are applicable.
    2. Post Education (undergraduates): Applicant must be pursuing a degree or license in higher education.

Important Dates

  April 23: Applications are due

  May 3-7: Book Award recipient notification by Youth and Recreation Staff

  May 21: Deadline for recipient to complete Book Award documentation

For this year's book award, our department will like to hear your thoughts and opinions on how COVID-19 changed our society. The essay must be 500-1,000 (minimum 1 page single spaced or 2 pages double spaced) words to qualify as a recipient.

2021 Book Award Application

Please click here to download the 2021 Book Award Application

5 Tips for College:

  1. Make classes your top priority
  2. Get involved in clubs/organizations on campus
  3. Network- build relationships on campus with Faculty and Professors
  4. Create a study schedule, study area.
  5. Try to SAVE money

For questions, please email