Transfer Station

The Transfer Station, located on a 2.5 acre site at 260 Middletown Avenue, provides solid waste management services for the City. The station includes a scale house, maintenance garage, two truck scales and a defined area for Residential Services.

City provides solid waste collection services for residences consisting of six or less units located in city limits. Waste collected by the City is delivered to the Transfer Station where it is consolidated and hauled to either a recycling facility or an in-state waste-to-energy facility for processing and disposal. Curbside recycling, brown bagged leaf and bundled yard waste collections, fee for service bulk collections are all disposed at the same location.

The Transfer Station area also contains Residential Drop-Off Services.Large recycling containers are available for "drop off recycling" as one enters the area. Just beyond the recycling containers, there is an attendant station where staff is on duty 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday through Saturday. The attendant collects yard waste and small bulk coupons from New Haven residents who can pick them up with valid identification at DPW office 34 Middletown Avenue. Once coupons are presented, the attendant will direct residents to the designated drop off containers located along the Transfer Station road.

Construction/demolition materials as well as large bulk items must be weighed on the Transfer Station scale. There is a charge of $0.05 per pound for disposal of such items as wood, fencing, roof shingles, toilets, tubs and big bulk items weighing more than 750 pounds.
The Transfer Station offers a fee for service to private trash haulers and contractors who must apply for a license. For more information please call (203) 946-7700 and ask for the Finance Office.

Additionally, New Haven Solid Waste Authority oversees the Transfer Station. It is dedicated to achieving the most environmentally sound solid waste management and resource conservation program for the people of New Haven and the surrounding communities. The Authority has created a Residential Permit Account system for both New Haven Residents and non-residents. 

Follow this link to read about the New Haven Solid Waste Authority.