For further information visit: NEW HAVEN SOLID WASTE & RECYCLING AUTHORITY


Department of Public Works maintains a weekly schedule for collecting trash and recycling throughout New Haven. The brown 48 gallon toter is used for trash and the blue 96 gallon toter is used for recycling items only. Both toters must be placed curbside before scheduled collections and removed within 24 hours after being collected.  If toters are needed, residents should call Resident Services at (203) 946 - 7700.

With single stream recycling, all recyclables can be mixed together in the blue toter. If the toter has non-recyclable items such as; plastic bags, food waste, Styrofoam, DPW cannot empty it. To help decide what is and isn’t recyclable check this recycling flyer. (Spanish)


Recycle Recycling

As new, statewide rules for recycling are being rolled out, New Haven began placing recycling stickers on all city recycling toters. In order to accomplish that enormous task, we reached out to our residents through Management Teams, See Click Fix and Social Media.  The response was overwhelming, enabling our mission to get new “In and Out” recycling stickers off to a quick start.  The emphasis is on single stream with all items being “empty, rinsed, clean and opened. No shredding, boxed or bundled items accepted”. If residents have further questions they can ask them directly on the RecycleCT website found here: