Residential Waste Drop Off

New Haven Residents have a variety of waste drop off services available for their use at 260 Middletown Avenue where the Transfer Station is located. Drop-off services are available Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am -12:00 pm. Some items require coupons. Other items need to be weighed since there is a charge to dispose of them.  Still other items-recyclables-can just be dropped off in the recycling bins. Listed below is a recap.

Residential Waste

Coupons are required for disposal of residential waste such as bulky waste, tires, metal and electronics including computers, televisions, cell phones, cameras . Residents showing picture identification displaying their current New Haven address can pick up free coupons at DPW office, 34 Middletown Avenue. The 4 Residential Waste coupons are valid for one year and allow residents to dispose of 7 items of residential waste each visit.

Yard Waste

Coupons are needed to dispose of yard waste such as trees, branches, leaves only. No stumps, grass or dirt is accepted. Along with Residential Waste coupons, residents receive 4 Yard Waste coupons valid for one year. 


At the entrance of 260 Middletown Avenue, recycling containers are located on the left hand side. All materials that are accepted in curbside recycling pick - ups are accepted. No coupon is required to drop off recycling.  

Construction Debris

Construction debris such as wood, roof shingles, sheet rock, masonry, plumbing fixtures and fencing can be dropped off at the Transfer Station for a disposal fee of $0.05 a pound. Items must be weighed on the scale at the Transfer Station which is open Monday - Saturday (seasonal) 9:00am - 12:00pm

Hazardous Waste           

Household hazardous waste is not accepted at 260 Middletown Ave. It must be taken to Haz-waste central  located at the Regional Water Authority, 90 Sargent Drive. Haz-waste is open Saturday mornings from May through October, excluding holiday weekends. For more information:203-401-2712