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15 August, 2018 – OVERDOSES (UPDATED – 3:35 pm)

15 August, 2018 – OVERDOSES (UPDATED – 3:35 pm)


Between last evening and the current time, city EMS providers, AMR (ambulances), Police and Firefighters, along with the New Haven health Department, Sponsor-Hospital officials and the city’s Office of Emergency Management have responded to the New Haven Green and the immediate area to aid patients who’d overdosed on drugs.


There are no available numbers of patients, but it is likely as many as thirty have been treated and/or transported to area hospitals. At this time, none have resulted in a fatality and all have resulted in non-life threatening illnesses.


The New Haven Police Department has made an arrest of a local man, believed to be connected to at least some of the overdoses. The man was arrested within the last hour by members of the NHPD Intelligence Unit. The identity of the man arrested WILL NOT BE RELEASED until such time he’s been positively identified by any probable victim so as not to taint the investigation.


Any current reporting of an arrestee’s identity is NOT CONFIRMED as the perpetrator sought in these cases. It is only that of a PERSON OF INTEREST, who had a Violation Of Probation warrant and who had drugs on his person.


Initial Release:


Regarding reported overdoses in New Haven: Though police investigate the sales, origin and criminal dealing of illegal drugs, overdoses are medical issues and would be addressed by either the City of New Haven Fire/ EMS Department, Office of Emergency Management and/or Department of Health.


The Police Department is aware of a high number of patients that were treated since last night, including as many as six currently. The majority of cases are centered on the New Haven Green. Thus far, thirteen patients have been transported to area hospitals for overdose related illnesses. One patient was non-responsive to Naloxone – a drug used to treat narcotic overdoses in emergency situations, and is “very sick”, according to Rick Fontana, the city’s director of the Office of Emergency Operations.


According to Fontana, the Sponsor Hospital Medical Director is coordinating with hospital and Health Department staff to coordinate efforts. With the exception of one patient, thus far, the illnesses are largely not life threatening and concentrated to a portion of the New Haven Green.


Any physical evidence and gathered intelligence, including patient testimony is considered when trying to track down and arrest those who deal illegal drugs in our city.


Any further communications regarding these cases would come from either the City of New Haven Fire/ EMS Department, Office of Emergency Management and/or Department of Health.

Press inquiries should be directed to Rick Fontana at