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Youth @ Work

Youth@Work targets in-school youth, ages 14-21, who are New Haven residents and/or attend a New Haven Public School. The program is aimed at providing young people with workplace exposure, mentoring and school and community-based enrichment activities. Early work experiences serve as the foundation for future success in the workplace. 

The Youth and Recreation Department is currently accepting applications for the Youth@Work, work-based learning experience program. 

Applicant must meet the minimum requirements:

High School Students

• Participating youth must be in the 9th grade or higher at time of application submission

• Must be at least the age of 14 - maximum age of 21

• Must be a full-time high school student (includes Adult Education)

• Must reside in New Haven and/or attend a New Haven Public High School

College Students

• Must be a full-time matriculated student

• Trade schools are accepted if full time status is documented

• Must be a New Haven Resident

• Maximum age is 21 years old

Men 18 years and older

• Must be registered with selective services and provide proof of registration

Recreation Special Programs

• Must be at least the age of 16

Click the link below for the Year-Round Work-Based Learning Experience Program Application:

Year-Round Employment Application

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Newhaven YSD

Youth@Work facilitates:

Summer Work Based Learning Experience

Provides 600-700 young persons a five [5] week employment experience. Youth are able to work up to a maximum of twenty-five [25] hours a week at the State of Connecticut minimum wage rate.

Year Round Work Based Learning Experience


 Provides a twenty [20] to twenty-six [26] week work-based learning experience during the school year for high school and college students. Students are able to work up to ten [10] hours per week at the State of Connecticut minimum wage rate.

Workplace experiences and services to youth are provided through an extensive network including the New Haven Public School system, local businesses, workforce development boards, community-based organizations, civic and faith groups and Universities. While we facilitate the placement of youth into jobs, this is not an employment program, but a training/learning experience for youth to learn basic work skills by exposure to various workplace settings.

Nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies submitting RFP’s to be worksites should design a well-planned program that includes adequate and competent supervision of youth and activities that are in alignment with the goals of the Youth@Work program as outlined in the Required Program Elements.

Work-Based Learning Experience– Required Program Elements

Work-based learning is the integration of the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, mathematics and decision-making skills into work-related and assigned tasks. Worksite applicants should focus work-based learning experiences on the following, which are skills intended for student learning throughout the program:

  • Basic Academic Skills – planned activities should include the use of reading, writing and math
  • Thinking and Decision-making Skills – planned activities should require participants to think creatively, make decisions, solve problems
  • Specific Occupation Skills – opportunities to learn technical skills necessary to perform a specific job
  • Personal and Interpersonal Skills – opportunities to demonstrate responsibility, integrity, communication skills, teamwork and working with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • Work Ethic/ Maturity – opportunities to be a participant in a “real life” work setting and being held accountable for all assigned tasks and outcomes
  • Citizenship Skills – opportunities to learn about responsibilities as citizens of their community and country

If interested in becoming a worksite for the 2021/2022 Year-Round Work-Based Learning Experience Program please follow the link below

2021/2022 Year-Round Work-Based Learning Experience RFP