Youth @ Work

Youth@Work targets in-school youth, ages 14-21, who are New Haven residents and/or attend a New Haven Public School. The program is aimed at providing young people with workplace exposure, mentoring and school and community-based enrichment activities. Early work experiences serve as the foundation for future success in the workplace.  Fillable Student Application Summer 2020


Hello New Haven Community!


Youth@Work Application Drop- Box is now available at 200 Orange St.!

Please note, this address is not the address of Youth@Work, it is the building located behind City Hall.


High school and college students, age 14-21 can now submit their summer Youth@Work employment application in a drop-box identified with the Youth@Work logo and directions for submission at 200 Orange St. As the City enforces social distancing, please be sure keep at least a 6-foot distance between you and the person in front of you and if you see multiple people in the lobby, be patient and allow them to exit before entering. This drop-box will be available for two weeks beginning, Wednesday, April 15 at noon-Friday, May 1.


Before applications are inserted in the drop box, please make sure the application is complete with:

1.                 The following:

·                    2 copies of the application

·                    2 copies of the applicants Birth Certificate

·                    2 copies of the applicants Social Security Card or State                              Identification Card

·                    2 copies of parent or guardian income

·                    and 2 copies of the applicants high school transcript

              (if possible considering school closures).

2.                 Make sure all Documents are in a sealed envelope

If applications are incomplete, they will not be processed and mailed back to the address listed on the application.

3.                  Be sure to add an email so we can confirm receipt of the application when we begin to input them in our data system.


The staff at Youth@Work would like to thank you for your patience during this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

For Youth Services updates, please check the City’s website.



Newhaven YSD



Youth@Work facilitates:

Summer Work Based Learning Experience

Provides 600-700 young persons a five [5] week employment experience. Youth are able to work up to a maximum of twenty-five [25] hours a week at the State of Connecticut minimum wage rate. 

2020 Youth@Work Work Based Learning RFP Link

Year Round Work Based Learning Experience

Provides a twenty [20] week work experience during the school year. High school students are able to work up to ten [10] hours a week at the State of Connecticut minimum wage rate.



New Haven Leaders

Is a collaborative effort with the Human Resources department. We sponsor internships for 8-10 college applicants for City internship positions. Each intern receives an eight [8] week summer internship in a City department. In addition, professional development is provided via weekly in-services.