Parking Options and Regulations

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Parking Garages in New Haven

432 State Street Lot
Chapel/Franklin Lot
Court/Olive Lot
George Street Lot
Olive/Chapel Lot
Orange/Elm Lot
Orange/Trumbull Lot
Orchard/Sherman Lot
Sherman/Tyler Lot
State/Audubon Lot
State/Chapel Lot
State/Fair Lot
State/Olive Lot
State/Pulaski Lot
State/Trumbull Lot
State/Wall Lot
Tower Lane Lot
Whalley/Blake Lot

 Parking Garages in New Haven

Air Rights Garage
Crown Street Garage
Granite Square Garage
Temple Medical Garage
Temple Street Garage/Office
Union Station Garage


Monthly Parking Options

Union Station Garage

Air Rights Garage

Temple Street Garage

Crown Street Garage


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Parking Vouchers

Instead of quarters, use convenient, pre-paid 1-hour, 2-hour, and Long-term vouchers.

Parking Voucher
  • 1 hour vouchers are valid in all areas excluding 15 minute and half hour parking areas.
  • 2 hour vouchers are valid in all areas excluding 15 minutes and half hour parking areas.
  • Long-term vouchers are only valid in areas posted  5 and 12 hour or No Time Limit parking


The cost of a new voucher is as follows:
1-hour voucher - $1.50
2-hour voucher - $3.00
Long-term voucher - $10.00

You may display multiple vouchers to validate parking.  The maximum allowed parking time is according to the posted regulations at each location.

Parking vouchers are available at the 165 Church Street, 1st Floor, Room 167. Call the Transportation, Traffic and Parking Department at (203) 946-8075 for more information regarding vouchers.