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The City of New Haven’s Transportation, Traffic and Parking Department combines elements of traffic safety / engineering, parking management, community and economic development and urban planning. Our goal is to deliver a safe and efficient traffic control system and to continuously integrate sustainable transportation supports and improves the quality of life throughout the City of New Haven and which contributes to the economic growth of the City.

The region’s transportation infrastructure ‐ consisting of highways, railroads, port, airport and public transit systems ‐ is unique for a mid‐sized city. And unique among larger cities in Connecticut, New Haven continues to grow in population and continues to expand its Grand List. The City has made important strides to create jobs in a transit‐ rich, sustainable urban setting. Going forward in a time of increasing urbanization and global climate change, the depth of the transit and non‐ motorized system will become ever more critical to our overall environmental performance and economic growth.

Our department is therefore committed to a bigger and more integrated transit, pedestrian and bicycle ecosystem that connects housing to jobs and people to their community. The department is organized in four groups: Traffic Control, Parking Operations, Safety Guards and Transportation Planning.

Access to adequate transportation options can increase physical activity, reduce stress and help increase family economic security. The department is committed to an equitable transportation system that takes into account our history of transportation planning into a context sensitive, bottom-up approach to deliver a high quality of life for our residents and neighborhoods.


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