Bike Parking

▼ Parking Meters

Bikes park free on all City of New Haven parking meters.

▼ Public Bike Racks
Orient your bike parallel to the curb. Lock your frame and at least one wheel to the rack. If possible, use a U-lock style lock.

▼ Municipal Bike Station
The Municipal Bike Station is now open! In 2009, the City of New Haven converted the garage space at 200 Orange Street for bike storage (20 spaces), lockers and maintenance of the city's bicycle fleet and for employee bike parking. The $20,000 investment complements a number of citywide efforts to make New Haven a certified Bicycle Friendly Community.

Union Station Parking

Image of Union Station Bike Racks Three Locations from which to Choose
Bikes racks are located near the southwest garage entrance, at the northeast (back left) corner of the garage and within the glass case adjacent to the garage elevators.

▼ 30-day limit
Space is limited at Union Station. Bikes locked to racks will be removed after 30 days if left unused or abandoned.

Short-term Bike Parking Installation Guidelines for Property Owners Installing Racks on Private Property

Image of a Row of "Staple Racks" Choose a highly-visible location.
Visibility is the best defense against theft for short-term parking. Highly-visible racks will also get more use (because people will know they are there).

 Choose a convenient location. 
Locate bike parking as close as possible to the entrance that bicyclists will use.

 Plan bike parking for a full rack, not an empty one. A parked bike occupies a space measuring 2’x6’. Do not place racks too close to walls, other objects, or walkways. Getting a smaller bike rack will not save space if you want it to hold the same number of bikes.


 Give bikes two contact points.
Inverted-U racks, “staple” racks and “hanger” racks are the best options.




Image of Incorrectly-Installed Co-op School Bike RacksImage of Substandard "Comb Rack"


Request a Public Bike Rack

As funds become available, the City of New Haven is installing bike racks within the public right-of-way in various high-traffic, high-demand areas around town. Racks are typically installed in the area between the curb and the main sidewalk area. Racks can be installed at lower cost if this area is already paved with concrete.

To request a bike rack, please use the bicycle rack request category in See Click Fix at