Downtown West: Edgewood Avenue Cycle Track


TT&P is working in conjunction with the Engineering Department to implement Downtown West Community Connectivity Program.  The first major element is the construction of the Edgewood Avenue Cycle Track.   The project is being funded by a $1.2 Million Community Connectivity grant from the State of Connecticut. 

The project will construct a two-way parking protected cycle track along the length of Edgewood Avenue.  The project is intended to maximize safety along the Edgewood Avenue corridor and will ensure safe access for all users of the City Right-of-Way including pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles.  The cycle track will run the entire 2.1-mile length of Edgewood Avenue from Park Street, Downtown to Forest Road in Westville.

The Edgewood cycle track will pass through five neighborhoods including Westville, West River, Edgewood, Dwight and Downtown.  The project has been designed to ensure safer connections to Edgewood School, Troupe School, Amistad Academy and Montessori School of Edgewood, as well as improved access to alternative transportation options for commuting to work and accessing Edgewood Park.

The project will include significant pedestrian improvements and pedestrian crossing infrastructure including ADA compliant countdown crosswalk signals for pedestrians and ADA compliant ramps at intersections; as well as new cycle only signal phases at all signalized intersections. In addition, the cycle lane will be protected from traffic by parking, white paint and reflective bollards to provide separation from traffic and to increase safety while biking at night.

This is just the second protected bike lane in Connecticut and will be the first with bicycle only signal phases.  The Edgewood Cycle Track and the overall Downtown West program are part of the City’s ongoing efforts to promote safe access to cycling in New Haven and to increase access to jobs, schools, recreation, and alternative transportation options for all New Haveners.