Small Contractor Development Program



The City of New Haven is committed to assisting small-, minority-, and women-owned businesses to grow and overcome challenges that may make it more difficult to win public contracts.




The Small Contractor Development Program encourages participation and inclusion of small, minority and women-owned businesses in City of New Haven projects by:

  • Enforcing Chapter 12 1/4 of the New Haven Code of Ordinances to ensure compliance
  • Providing information and know how on projects
  • Hosting workshops and seminars
  • Facilitating special networking events and information sessions
  • Targeted assistance for specific project needs
  • One-on-one technical assistance in the procurement process
  • Connecting registered contractors with greater opportunities

There are currently 141 contractors registered in the program. Since its founding, SCD has also assisted more than 1,000 small, woman, and minority firms with contract issues, bid documents, payments, credit, contractor conflicts, and registration.