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All Things Fall Related

To everything there is a season and Fall finds Public Works preparing to transition to winter. Having moved from milling and paving to in house sealing projects in a variety of locations, our streets division is focused on wrapping up the April through October Street Sweeping Season, transitioning to the special Fall Street Sweeping Season running from November 1 - December 17 and yes getting prepared for the snow season.

Please follow the paper postings for No Parking. Weather permitting, we will be in every neighborhood two days (a day on each side) during the six-week period. 

Leaf Bags and Recycled Recycling

Along with picking up seasonal brown leaf bags placed at the curb on your scheduled days of Trash-Recycling pick-ups, Recycling crews are focusing on residents’ compliance with the What’s In What’s Out  flyer found here:   

What's In What's Out flyer 

If a blue recycling toter has any contamination material (What’s Out list), the recycling crew cannot empty the toter until the contaminated material (ie. Plastic, food, food materials) is removed. Once removed, the crew will service the toter. Any questions about material to be included call us at Resident Services (203) 946 – 7700 or try the recycling wizard found here:

“First Responders” Flag Flying High

Back In 2003, President George W. Bush issued Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5), Management of Domestic Incidents in which a public works response to emergencies and disasters is recognized as an absolute necessity, and the federal government is directed to include public works in all planning and response efforts.

The American Public Works Association created the Public Works First Responder symbol using familiar colors—orange, black and white—and a design reminiscent of road construction, signs, safety cones and orange construction barrels. The APWA awarded the flag to be flown at Public Works facilities throughout the country. 

New Haven Public Works flag was recently unfurled by Mayor Harp, Alder Sal DeCola; Chair of City Services and Environmental Policy Committee,  Rick Fontana; Director of Emergency Management, Jeff Pescosolido; Public Works Director, and a host of Public Works employees. 

Domino's Good Neighbor Policy

“Paving for Pizza”, the grant program introduced by Domino's Pizza last year, invited communities to apply for $5,000.00 award to put towards patching potholes. New Haven applied and was awarded the grant which was used to patch potholes during the summer. Pothole crew (Dave Lawlor and Daniel Paige) captured working the road and patching potholes in bike and car lanes. Thanks Domino's for paving the way!

Street Sweeping

You can download the seasonal schedule on our street sweeping:
Click here for April – October 2019 Street Sweeping Schedule

Click Here for Special Street Sweeping Schedule November – December 2019

Tag - Tow areas, sign up for New Haven Alerts:

New signage is in the works to announce street sweeping days and snow emergency routes. Keep tuned for updates on the installation.
Emergency Info and Alerts

See Click Fix-ed

If you’ve reported a pothole, the lifted sidewalk, illegally dumped items, public space issues and/or trash and recycling concerns, your issue is counted among the close to 4,700 public works issues reported through See Click Fix in 2018. 1800 illegal dumping issues were resolved, 500 sidewalks were inspected, 970 potholes were patched, 950 trash and recycling issues were solved with the remaining number of issues in various stages of resolution.  

If you haven’t used the “Made in New Haven” issue reporting communication tool yet, consider joining your neighbors, the community, and even some city departments as they click the way to improving the community. Follow this link: