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Summer 2019 Paving Projects - Phase II

Department of Public Works has announced Phase II of Summer 2019 Milling and Paving projects will begin Monday, July 22 and continue till completed in August. Once again, streets to be milled and paved are based upon current road conditions, traffic usage, available funding, citywide needs and other projects impacting the street. Though paving may cause some inconveniences to our public, we try to keep them at a minimum and remain confident that the end results will be worth it.  

**Please note - paving can be subject to change.**

More locations may follow pending utility repairs and joint city projects. If you have any questions, please call Resident Services at 203-946-7700.





Eden Street


Concord Street


Dean Street


Arden Street


Concord Street


Dean Street


Morse Place


Woodward Avenue


Townsend Avenue


Tuttle Street


Kneeland Road


Townsend Avenue


Burwell Street


Townsend Avenue




Russell Street


East Grand Avenue


South 2500’


Dover Street


Ferry Street


Clinton Avenue


Grafton Street


Ferry Street


Rowe Street


Lincoln Street


Trumbull Street


Pearl Street


Bradley Street


Whitney Avenue


Orange Street


St Ronan Street


Canner Street


Highland Street


Ogden Street


Whitney Avenue


Prospect Street


Prospect Street


East Rock


Canner Street


Mansfield Street


Compton Street


Munson Street


Tilton Street


Mansfield Street


Winchester Avenue


Sherman Parkway


Ford Street


Munson Street


Crescent Street

Limits to be determined

(City Engineering)




Osborne Avenue


Goffe Street


Dyer Street


Norton Street


Chapel Street


Elm Street


West Elm Street


Central Avenue


Forest Road


Glenview Terrace


Fairfield Street


Frederick +300’


Frederick Street


Westerleigh Road


Fowler Street


Hallock Avenue


Sea Street


Hallock Avenue


Sixth Street


Hallock Avenue




Sargent Drive


Hallock Avenue


Howard Avenue


* Church Street


Elm Street


Grove Street


* Howe Street


Whalley Avenue


Edgewood Avenue


* South Frontage Road


Park Street


College Street


* Court Street


Orange Street


State Street


* Temple & Wall-Intersection



* Milling and Paving will be done at night

Street Sweeping

You can download the seasonal schedule on our street sweeping

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New signage is in the works to announce street sweeping days and snow emergency routes. Keep tuned for updates on the installation.

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