Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping Season 2020  

Though Street Sweeping Season 2020 has been impacted by Covid concerns, Public Works is committed to keep the streets of the city as clean as possible. Towards that end, we are sweeping every route as originally scheduled but only in a Non Tag – Non Tow capacity. If and when there is a change, we will notify the public.  - Street Sweeping Calendar 2020

Department of Public Works begins its annual street sweeping program in April. The program is designed to remove the heavy accumulation of salt, sand and litter that has collected over the winter months and to help keep New Haven’s 226 miles of streets clean.
The City has 15 sweeping routes; 9 Tag and Tow routes; 6 No Tag and No Tow routes.

Tag and Tow Routes – Residents must move their cars or get ticketed and towed which is costly. The routes have remained the same for several years and posted signs, phone calls and schedule linked above can be utilized to remind residents each time the sweeping is occurring on their route.
Notification Reminders
If you are already receiving emergency notifications from the City, you will receive a monthly reminder to move your car or be ticketed and towed each time your Tag and Tow route is scheduled to be swept. If you are not opted in to the Emergency Notification System, you can do here.

Tag and Tow Routes include:  
 Route # 2 - Beaver Hills
 Route # 3 – Newhallville & Prospect & Grove
 Route # 4 – East Rock & Cedar Hill
 Route # 5  - Fair Haven from Blatchley Avenue
 Route # 7  - Fair Haven Heights & Annex
 Route # 8 - Wooster Square & Fair Haven to Blatchley Avenue
 Route #10 - West River & Dwight & Edgewood
 Route # 12 – Hill (North) 
 Route #13 – Hill (South) & City Point

If you take a look at our seasonal street sweeping schedule for Tag – Tow routes only, you’ll notice that the weekdays on which each Tag- Tow route is swept are always the same. It is only the weeks that change based on when each month begins. Take for example Route 8 which is regularly scheduled on the first Thursday and first Friday of each month. If the first day of the month begins on a Friday, Route 8 – Wooster Square would be scheduled for that first Friday and then the following Thursday which is the first Thursday of that month. The only real exception to schedule is if a holiday falls during the month.

No Tag and No Tow Routes
Residents are asked to cooperate with street sweeping in No Tag and No Tow neighborhoods by not parking on the street the day street sweeping is scheduled to occur. Please follow the calendar schedule which is linked at the top of this page to know the exact day street sweeping will be done in your neighborhood.

No Tag and No Tow Routes include:
 Route # 1 – Amity/West Rock
 Route # 6 – Fair Haven Heights & Foxon
 Route # 9 – Downtown (overnight hours)
 Route 9A – St. Ronan area 
 Route #11 – Westville 
 Route # 14 – Annex & East Shore
 Route # 15 – Morris Cove & East Shore 

Traffic Transportation & Parking as well as the Police Department assist Public Works with Street Sweeping Program. TT & P ensures the enforcement of posted signs (Tag and Tow routes) and hears appeals of tickets.