Public Works Department


Public Works Department in the Age of Covid-19


Our Trash and Recycling crew continue to work their schedule in order to maintain trash and recycling routes and keep our city clean. We remind residents to please make sure your trash bag is tightly closed before placing it inside your brown trash toter. We are asking everyone to do that for our crews’ safety and our community’s protection. As well our crews continue to practice social distancing for everyone’s protection.   


Though Scheduled Street Sweeping has begun, it is on a Non Tag – Non Tow basis throughout all neighborhood routes. We are following our regular schedule and ask for residents cooperation with moving cars out of the street sweepers path.


Bulk Appointments have resumed and the Residential Waste Center at the Transfer Station-260 Middletown Avenue is still open Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 12 pm. In order to use the Residential Waste Center residents must present a valid id with their New Haven address on it.


Though our offices are closed to the public, we are working and suggest that you call our Resident Services number, (203) 946 -7700, and if you don’t get an answer immediately, just leave your name and number and we will get back to you. Remember you can quickly report your public works issue to See Click Fix . 


Please be patient with us as we attempt to navigate these new times and be safe.

About the Department

Public Works mission is to improve the overall cleanliness and quality of life in New Haven by providing effective maintenance and management of the City’s infrastructure and public assets. The mission is supported through following areas:

Resident Services
Reports and responds to residents’ issues, questions and resource needs through in-person, phone and/or on-line contexts

Streets Division
Provides daily delivery of services to support maintaining the Right-of-Way

Refuse Division
Providing efficient collection of household waste including mixed solid waste, single-stream recyclables and seasonal waste thereby promoting clean and healthy neighborhoods.

Finance/Admin Division
Maintains department’s fiscal health, revenue and accountability along with overseeing safety and training.

Bridge Division
Offers safe and reliable operations of three movable bridges plus maintains New Haven bridge system for safe usage by vehicles and pedestrians.

Fleet Maintenance
Supports efficient maintenance of all rolling stock and motorized equipment assigned to department.

Right of Way/Public Space Enforcement
Ensuring that ROW follow City Ordinances as it pertains to sidewalks, refuse collection, snow removal, signage, civil uses and safety.

Eviction Services
Providing for contracted storage of personal goods through legal evictions and ensures that the chain of custody is established in accordance with State and local regulations and laws.

Contact Us

Jeff Pescosolido

(203) 946-7700

34 Middletown Ave
New Haven, CT 06513

Office Hours
Monday - Friday

Latest News

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City of New Haven Announces Grand Avenue Bridge Closure

April 11, 2020 

April 11, 2020


City of New Haven Announces Grand Avenue Bridge Closure

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Today New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker and City officials announced the formal closing of the Grand Avenue Bridge starting Monday, April 13, for significant construction improvements. The bridge is a vital traffic artery in New Haven that connects the Fair Haven neighborhood to the Fair Haven Heights neighborhood. This long-awaited closure starts on Monday and will last for an estimated 610 days for significant structural improvements to the bridge. The City of New Haven has made it abundantly clear to the contractor that they must follow all New Haven health officials’ guidelines and CDC protocols during this pandemic to reduce exposure to their workers and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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