Edgewood Skate Park

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Edgewood Skate Park
Edgewood Ave
New Haven, CT

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Rules & Regulations
Skate at your own risk. All users assume all risk of injury. The City of New Haven or its agents are not responsible for any injuries of any type.
All participants must wear helmets, knee, wrist and elbow pads
All participants must enter and exit at the designated area
Only one person per skateboard
Only one person per ramp Skateboarder/rollerblader must be under control at all times
No bicycles permitted in facility
No food or beverage is allowed in the skating area
Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited
Use trash containers for all litter
Use elements at your ability level
Parks Department reserves the right to prohibit persons from skate area

Safety Notice
Both experienced and inexperienced skateboarders and skaters use this facility. Skate
parks have inherent risks and hazards that may result in serious injury. The City of New Haven does not assume responsibility for any injuries. 

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Risk Management
Although numerous risks can be identified in the development of a Skate Park, they usually can be categorized into two basic areas:

  • The exposure presented by a participant using a skate park element
  • The skill level of the participants

Required safety equipment includes:

Knee Pads
Wrist Pads
Elbow Pads
Bicycles are prohibited from the skate park
No alcohol or smoking