Small Business Resource Center

The SBRC is a “One Stop Shop” where new entrepreneurs and current business owners alike can obtain support and services that will support business start-ups and growth.

In-Person Advising

Our staff is here to work with you on an individual basis. Using our extensive experience, we can provide you with advice, counseling, and technical assistance on everything from how to start or register a business, write a business plan, secure licensing or permitting, pursue local, state, and federal business incentives, find an appropriate business site, and evaluate various financing options.

To get started, contact Cathy R. Graves at
Due to the COVID-19/novel Coronavirus outbreak, we ask that anyone interested in the SBRC’s services fill out this online assessment form rather than appear in person. Someone from the Small Business team will then respond via phone and/or email. Thank you for your understanding.

Training Modules

The SRBC provides training modules designed for both entrepreneurs and current business owners. To assist you, the SRBC has formed partnerships with local banks, accounting firms, and professional service agencies. These professionals give “guest lectures” to discuss the reality of their fields and what you truly need to succeed. They can also serve as mentors to address specific challenges you face over time, even after the training module has ended.

Overall, the SRBC Training Modules raises the bar of success. By registering for a training module, you commit to attending classes over the course of multiple weeks. You will benefit from a continuum of learning with each course building upon the previous ones. By the time you complete the training module, you will know what you want and how to get it. You will not only aspire to greater success, but also have clear steps (and the skills) to achieve it.

This Fall, we will off comprehensive programming around the following:

  • Business Planning and Structure – You will learn how to write a successful business plan and how to start your own business.
  • Business Basics – This includes choosing a name, learning about types of start-ups, looking at the tax implications of your business, and understanding the legalities involved. You will learn how to register and license your business.
  • Marketing Analysis and Strategy – You will learn how to plan a strategy to reach your target market.
  • Basic Numbers – You will understand your financial requirements (i.e. budget planning, working with an accountant, understanding your finances).
  • Getting Financed – You will learn about the different types of financing available to start-ups and existing businesses.
  • The Web – The internet has become an essential marketing tool. You will learn how to use social media to grow your business.

Classes are scheduled to begin in September and will be held at 316 Dixwell Avenue. For more information about how to join the next training module, contact Cathy R. Graves at and Anna Nieves-Winn at