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Small Business Resource Center (SBRC)
The SBRC is a “One Stop Shop” where new entrepreneurs and current business owners alike can obtain support and services that will support business start-ups and growth. The SRBC provides opportunities for individualized in-person advising and also for more in-depth training modules. The next training module will begin this September. For more information, visit the SBRC homepage here or contact Cathy R. Graves at

Small Contractor Development Program
The Small Contractor Development Program encourages participation and inclusion of small, minority and women-owned businesses in City of New Haven projects. For more information, visit the program homepage here or contact Lil Snyder at

Made in New Haven
“Made in New Haven” is an official trademark that celebrates New Haven as a place where artists, creators, and innovators make great products, offer unique and valuable services, and build new and successful businesses. Whether you represent a well-established New Haven family brand, an international company with a local presence, a start-up based in New Haven, or are a local artisan, we honor your ingenuity and invention. Click here to learn more. And click here to view the more the 85 manufacturers, makers, and artisans who are already “Made in New Haven!” For more information or to join the program, contact Steve Fontana at