False Alarm Reduction Initiative

Burglar Alarm Reduction Initiative

Alarm owners are reminded that they are required to register their alarm systems at no charge. While registration is free, the City's ordinance carries a $99 penalty for unregistered alarms.

To register your alarm, please call: (866)-889-2364

The City is using the services of Public Safety Corporation to implement a false alarm reduction initiative. In 2012 there were over 5,800 false alarms triggered by home or business alarm systems. The cost of responding to these false alarms exceeds $500,000 and is roughly equivalent to the salary cost of 8 full time police officers. By reducing the number of false alarms Police Department resources can be more effectively deployed.

Public Safety Corporation will be directly notifying alarm users if a false alarm is activated and will be following up with information about fines. There is no fine for the first false alarm. The schedule for false alarm fines after the first one is as follows:

2nd false alarm = $75
3rd false alarm = $150
4th + false alarms= $250

There is also an appeals process which alarm users can take advantage of if you feel you are being fined in error or there were unusual circumstances such as a power outage or storm which caused the false alarm to be activated. You can request an appeals hearing through Public Safety Corporation and the City will assign your case to a hearing officer for review and a decision as to whether the fine should be waived.

While the false alarm reduction effort began in June , 2013 any appeals filed to waive first time penalties for failure to register your alarm system will be granted until January 1, 2014 to give residents additional time to complete the registration. The second time a penalty is assessed for failure to register your alarm system there will be no waiver.

If you would like to review the City's Alarm Ordinance you can find it here: