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Housing Code Enforcement

The Housing Code is an Ordinance establishing minimum standards governing the condition and maintenance of dwellings; establishing minimum standard governing supplied utilities and facilities and other physical things and conditions essential to make dwellings safe, sanitary and fit for human habitation; establishing minimum standards governing the condition of dwellings offered for rent; fixing certain responsibilities and duties of owners and occupants of dwellings; authorizing the inspection of dwellings; and the condemnation of dwelling units for human habitation; and fixing penalties for violation.

This also includes an emergency repair program, condemnation of unfit dwellings and an annual rooming house inspection program. The City’s approach to Code Enforcement is to work with residents and property owners to quickly mediate problems, and when this is not possible, cases are then referred to Housing Court.

Housing Code Process

Depending on the nature of the emergency and/or complaint an inspector is dispatched to the location and an inspection is conducted.

Possible Outcomes

  •  Housing Code Enforcement Order letter generated and severed to property owners and/or residents with a time frame for correction of the violation(s).  Please click on Common Violations and Required Remediation.
  • Emergency repair
  • Condemnation
  • Failure to comply with the order letter represents a violation of the City of New Haven’s

Housing Code Ordinance and may subject you to criminal prosecution by the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Useful Information for Owners

Property Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Code Ordinance : On the left hand margin, click on Title V: Housing Code

Common Violations and Required Remediation

Inspection Form

Tenant/Landlord Rights and Responsibilities



The Code Enforcement Division performs other activities, such as State Tax Abatement Inspections, Residential Rental Business License Program Inspections (RRBLP), and Rooming House/Hotel and Motel Inspections.