Rehabilitation Financing

Energy Efficiency Rehabilitation Program

What is it?
Financial assistance for costs related to housing energy efficiency and rehabilitation for the purpose of providing safe, decent and energy efficient living conditions.

What are Eligible Activities?
• Existing Housing Code Violations
• Roof
• Sealing cracks with weather-strip and caulk.
• Insulating attics and walls.
• Repairing windows and doors.
• Replacing windows.
• Repair furnace.
• Retrofit furnace
• In some cases, replacement of the furnace.
• Façade (vinyl siding, porch repair, stoop repair, stoop/porch stair repair, wrought iron/wood railings, front door or storm door, shutters, awnings over front steps (closely related façade improvements as decide by LCI program staff).
• Preventive maintenance
• Other improvements deemed to enhance the health and safety of the structure (as determined by LCI program staff).

What are the terms of the loan?
• Owner-Occupant (Owner principal place of residence)

Where can I get more information about the Energy Efficiency and Rehabilitation Assistance Program?
Livable City Initiative
165 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 946-7090

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Emergency Elderly/Disabled Repair Program

What is it?
Provides a 0% interest loan of up to $15,000 to elderly and/or disabled homeowners. The loan is forgiven at the rate of 20% per year over 5 years. The homeowner’s household income may not exceed 80% of the area’s median family income, adjusted for family size. The loan can be used for improvements such as: roof replacement, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, bathroom adaptation etc. The sources of loan funds are HOME.

Where can I get more information about the loan program?
City of New Haven, Livable City Initiative, 165 Church Street, 3rd Floor, New Haven, (203) 946-7090.
  For more information please visit:

Terms and conditions of loans are subject to change without notice.


Lead Hazard Control Loan Program 



Program Mission 
To protect the health of children through the elimination of childhood lead poisoning.

Program Overview & Basic Eligibility
The primary purpose of the program is to reduce the exposure of young children to lead based paint hazards in their homes. Eligible property owners will be offered a five-year forgivable loan of up to $10,000 per unit and up to $2,000 for common/exterior areas for lead hazard control as identified in the City’s lead abatement plan. Loans are 0% interest, for a 5-year term and forgiven at the rate of 20% per year through the term of the loan. Property owners will be responsible for any costs of abatement in excess of the loan amount.

Priority will be given to applicants with an order to abate from the city of New Haven health Department. The Livable City Initiative’s strategy is to target the following housing situations:

  • Units where lead poisoned children already reside;
  • pre-1978 housing where young children reside; or
  • pre-1978 housing where young children are likely to reside.

Please visit the City of New Haven's Health Department for more information.

Policy of Non-Discrimination
It is the policy of the City of New Haven to administer all programs in a non-discriminatory manner. Applications for lead based paint hazard control loans will be accepted and processed without regard to the applicant’s race, religion, color, national origin, sex, handicap or sexual orientation.

Questions: Contact City of New Haven, Health Department (203) 946-8173.

For additional information and application package contact Jennifer Sanjurjo 203.946.7420 or visit RENEWHAVEN

Contact Name: Jennifer Sanjurjo 
Contact Phone: 203.946.7420


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