Internship Opportunities

The City of New Haven values education and believes that students bring new ideas, new energy and new skills to the workforce. The City’s employment of students takes place through the Student Intern Program. Internships provide valuable work experience directly related to the student's academic field of study. Participants will be given high-level work experience that may prepare them for permanent positions in the workforce.

When you apply for an Internship position you should indicate the department(s) for which you are interested in working.

Below, you will find the City of New Haven’s General Student Intern guidelines.

A. General Student Intern Policy
The purpose of hiring a Student Intern is to provide a hands-on experience in a field of municipal operations as it relates directly to an individual's course of study.

Student Interns may not replace a full-time position/function which would normally be performed by a bargaining unit employee. Student Interns are hired to provide special project related work within your department and gain hands-on experience in a field of municipal operations.

The maximum number of hours a Student Intern can work may not exceed 19 hours per week. Approved work-study programs, semester and/or vacation breaks interns may work up to 35 hours depending on departmental funding approved by Management & Budget.

B. Requirements for Student Interns

1. Must be at least 16 years of age.

2. Must be enrolled as a student at an accredited high school, college or university; proof of enrollment must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources, Attention: Patricia Clark.  (, 203-946-8263)

3. Student must complete the online application process and submit a resume and current transcripts. If we are accepting applications for Student Interns, you will find the posting online at

4. Preference will be given to those residing in New Haven.

C. Recruitment Guidelines

 1. Departments may seek Student Interns independently, as referrals from the Department of Human Resources, or through several area programs (such as the Yale Work-Study Program, Yale Fellows Program and the School to Work Program for example).

2. The department head is responsible for interviewing and the final selection of the student interns.

D. Appointment Procedure

1. The department head should submit a Request to Appoint (RTA) form to the Department of Human Resources. Incomplete RTA's may hinder timely and smooth start dates. RTA's must be submitted by Wednesday, at the latest, for a Monday start date.

2. Attach the following to the Request to Appoint form prior to forwarding to the Department of Human Resources:

  1. Copy of the Application for Employment
  2. Proof of enrollment at an accredited high school, college or university (Transcript or Report Card)
  3. Resume

3. Student Interns cannot begin employment without approval from the Department of Human Resources. Approval will be noted on the Personnel Action Report, which is issued on the last day of the workweek by the Department of Human Resources.

4. Your new intern should come to the Department of Human Resources on their first day of employment in order to complete New Hire Paperwork. Failure to do so may delay paychecks, as well as put the City out of compliance with various record-keeping requirements.

E. Student Intern Pay Schedule 
Departments: Student Interns may be paid from your 56695 appropriation (Temp & PT Help). The department is responsible for ensuring adequacy of funds within the 56695 Account. See below for current rates. 

Students - How to apply

The posting period for Student Interns is NOT open at all times; check Employment Opportunities online at regularly for available positions. Postings for Student Interns opportunities will be listed as “STUDENT INTERN.”

  1. Apply online at during open posting period. Find “STUDENT INTERN” under Positions Available, click on the “Apply” link, and follow all instructions on that page. You will need a valid, working email address to apply.
  2. Within your online application submission, attach provide proof of enrollment, such as a transcript and/or report card, including number of semester units completed and grade point average.
  3. Include a letter of interest.

STUDENT INTERN HOURLY RATES as of September 1, 2020

























Student hourly rates are based on the last academic year completed. NOTE that the burden of proof of grade advancement falls on the student. No adjustments in pay will be made until evidence of progression is provided by the student. They must provide the Department of Human Resources this information as soon as it is available.

In other words, a student who completes 12th grade in June would be paid at the high school senior rate until September, and until they provide verification that they have advanced a grade.

There are no benefits associated with a student intern position, and pay is based on the number of hours worked. Students may work a 35-hour workweek during the summer months, or during school vacations, if authorized by the department and Management & Budget otherwise they are not to exceed 19 hours per week.