Employment Assistance Programs

Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC


The City has contracted with Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC, to provide confidential services for employees and family members, designed to improve the overall health and productivity of our workforce.

Coronavirus Response

Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC, continues to be a resource to our employees and family members during this time. In addition to being available at the contact information listed above, they have provided informative flyers on a variety of topics.

Behavioral Health COVID 19 Update 03/24/2020  
Dealing with Physical Isolation 
Concerns for an Elderly Family Member 
Suggestions for Parents and Caregivers with Children Home From School 
Supporting Children Anxious about Coronavirus 
Managers – Suddenly Managing Remotely 

Some of the clinical areas that employees may seek services include:

 Substance Abuse  Depression
Stress & Anxiety   Sleep Disorders/Difficulties
 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  Gambling
 Smoking Cessation  Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
Eating Disorders   Elderly Issues and Dementia
Chronic Pain   Marital Problems
 Parenting  Divorce
 Family Illness  Job Conflicts and Tensions
 Financial Worries  School Problems
 Legal Stresses  


Who is eligible?

All employees and members of their immediate families are eligible to use the Employee Assistance Program.

What about the cost?

As an employee benefit, the costs of the EAP visits are fully covered by the City. When a referral beyond EAP is needed, they will assist in locating resources that are covered through the employee’s insurance program.

Find out how much a little talk can help.

Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC
3018 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden CT 06518