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In 1993, New Haven and Fairfield Counties became eligible for Ryan White CARE Act Title I funds. These funds were intended provide development, organization, coordination and operation of more effective and cost efficient systems for the delivery of service. The federal government classified New Haven and Fairfield county area as one Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA).  The CARE Act required the city in the EMA with the largest number of AIDS cases to act as fiduciary or fiscal agent for these funds.  Under this Act, New Haven’s mayor is directly responsible for administration of Ryan White Part A funds.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension ACT of 2009 which went into effect October 30th, 2009 replaced the previous Treatment Act of 2006.

Current Funding & Services

The first year of Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act Title I funding, FY94/95, we received approximately $2.1 million from the federal government.  Our current award for FY12 exceeds $6.9 million.

Ryan White funds are equitably distributed by the percentage of AIDS cases in proportion to the number of HIV cases reported for each sub-region in the EMA (sub-regional divisions are as follows: Region I: Greater New Haven; Region II: Waterbury; Meriden and the Naugatuck Valley; Region III: Greater Bridgeport; Region IV: Norwalk and Stamford and Region V: Greater Danbury county that make up the total of AIDS cases in this EMA. 

In the current FY 12, New Haven HIV service providers received $2,035,910 dollars to provide care, which translates to 35% of the total funds available for services for the entire EMA.


By the end of the last fiscal year, FY11 (03/01/2011 - 02/29/2012), this grant directly assisted approximately 3,000 persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families throughout the EMA.  Of the 3,000 who were assisted, 1,501 were New Haven clients. 

Once again, communities hardest hit by this disease are receiving the greatest benefit of Ryan White funding.  In the EMA, 44% of those who received care were African American, 31% were Latino and 25% were Caucasian. 

Ryan White funded services provide the vital supportive lifeline to treatments and care to those living with HIV.

Planning Council & Service Priorities

The New Haven/Fairfield Counties HIV Ryan White Planning Council consists of nearly 20 members from throughout the EMA and is appointed by the Mayor of New Haven.  The Council is mandated by Ryan White HIV Treatment Extension Act and is comprised of persons living with HIV; representatives of community based organizations and others with valuable HIV expertise. It is diverse in terms of gender, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation.

It is the Council’s role to conduct needs assessments and collect other data in order to set service priorities for the approaching fiscal year and to determine dollar amounts for each service.

This year the Council prioritized services for persons living with HIV/AIDS based on findings of needs assessments and consumer input from each of the five service regions. The assessment data provided by persons living with HIV determined the need for various services throughout the EMA. The following is the list of prioritized services in ranking order for FY 2013:

  1. Medical Case Management
  2. Mental Health Services
  3. Outpatient/Ambulatory Medical Care
  4. Housing Services
  5. Substance Abuse Services-Outpatient
  6. Early Intervention Services
  7. Medical Transportation
  8. Oral Health Care
  9. Emergency Financial Assistance
  10. Health Insurance Premium/Cost Sharing
  11. Substance Abuse Services-Inpatient
  12. AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance

Contractor Selection Process

The City of New Haven must follow guidelines, service priorities and funding allocations established by the Planning Council in accordance with the Ryan White Extension Act.  In January 2013 the Ryan White Office will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Planning Council prioritized service areas with a one year renewable option. The Ryan White Office advertises the RFP in local community newspapers such as La Voz Hispana and each major newspaper throughout New Haven and Fairfield Counties.

The RFP clearly states the services applicants might apply for, the total amount of funds available for each service area and other qualifications required by the Treatment Extension Act of 2009, the Ryan White Planning Council and the City of New Haven. 
The Ryan White Office sends the proposals to individual members of a diverse review team.  The goal is to select a group of individuals from throughout Connecticut who have knowledge and expertise in HIV and health services who have no conflict of interest. All reviewers are required to sign a conflict of interest statement that is kept on file.

The Ryan White office strictly adheres to the recommendations of the panel and reports the recommendations to the Mayor and Planning Council. By law, only the Planning Council has the right to change service priorities and dollar allocations that support the priorities.

Contact Health Department Regarding Ryan White Program

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New Haven, CT

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Beth Auerbach  Grants Administrator  203-946-6539
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