We handle Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention. For other housing issues (e.g. blight, mold, heat) contact Livable Cities Initiative (LCI).

For issues of pedestrian and bike safety in New Haven, or parking for the disabled, contact Transportation & Parking

Regarding outdoor facilities, contact Parks & Trees. Regarding fitness programs and activities contact Youth & Recreation

Seeking to open a food service establishment in New Haven? Start the permitting process by visiting CitySquared. The State Liquor Control Division regulates establishments that serve alcohol. 

To transfer a medical license obtained from another country, contact the State Health Department

Environmental Health should be contacted for complaints 203-946-8174 or individual may click here to submit a complaint via see-click-fix

To report broken links or outdated information on this website, click here to contact Ermonda Markaj

Other Cities/Towns: Find Your Health Department here.