Applying for a Pardon

Starting June 2020, the Office of Project Fresh Start will host an online informational pardon session every Wednesday. Please check our events calendar or follow our Facebook page for additional information. Anyone interested in learning more about the pardons process in Connecticut is welcome. 

You can apply for a Certificate of Employability 90 days after release for incarceration, and or 90 days after you have successfully completed probation/parole supervision. A Certificate of Employability is a state- issued document recommending you for employment in spite of your past criminal record. It states that you are employable and makes it illegal for employers to deny employment based on your criminal record-with a few exceptions.

You can apply for an expungement of your record 5 years from your last felony conviction, and 3 years from your last misdemeanor conviction.

As of June 1st, 2020, the Board of Pardons and Paroles will no longer be accepting paper applications. All Pardon and Certificate of Employability applications must be submitted ONLINE.

Please go to: and click on the appropriate link (Absolute Pardon or Certificate of Employability) to view the full online application.

For more information about the Fresh Start pardons classes, please call: 203-946-7821.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pardons and Certificate of Employability