Accounts Payable

Department Description
Main function of Accounts Payable is to process the City’s invoices from various City’s Departments. Invoices are submitted by the various City’s Departments, and are audited prior to processing City’s AP checks. Accounts Payable also encumbers the City RFAs. (Request for Agreements).

200 Orange Street, 4th Floor.

Office: 203-946-8306  
Fax: 203- 946-5451

Name Email Position Department Phone #
Arami Martinez Operations Supervisor Accounts Payable 203-946-8305
Eve Jacobs Auditor II  Accounts Payable 203-946-8306
Doreen Rhodes Auditor II Accounts Payable 203-946-8304 
Jailyne Santana Auditor II Accounts Payable 203-946-8303


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Is our check ready?  Or when can we expect payment?
A: See link or call contact number.

Q: How long does it take to process a check?
A: Every payments goes through an approval process. This process usually takes around 3 to 4  weeks.  Every City Department has a different process. Please call Contact number for more information.