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Licensing & Inspection of Food Establishment License

To ensure periodic inspection of all licensed food service establishments operating within the city and achieve compliance with the State Public Health Code and New Haven Code of Ordinances, all food establishments must fill out and submit the proper forms and appropriate license fees to the Bureau of Environmental Health.

Our building is currently closed to the public.

 Please complete your Food Service application online and/or

mail your completed form.

Please mail all related application fees to:


City of New Haven Health Department 
Bureau of Environmental Health 
54 Meadow St., 9th Floor 
New Haven, CT  06519.


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Online Forms 

Reopening Update  Reopening Update Letter
Food Service Sign Off Form Food Service Sign Off Form 
Food Service Application Form
 2020 Food Service Application Form
Temporary Food Service Application 
Covid-19 Reopening Criteria  
 filetypeCovid-19 Reopening
CDC Guidance For Cleaning and Disinfecting  filetype CDC Guidance 
! Best Practices for Reopening Food Establishments  
 filetype Best Practices for
Mobile Food Vending Re-Opening Guidelines- Spanish

 filetype Mobile Food Vending Re-Opening Guidelines- Spanish

Best Practices Infographic  
  filetype Best Practices
 ! NHHD Restaurants Outdoor Only Food Inspections  
  filetypeNHHD Restaurants
NHHD Food Truck Inspection Process  
  filetypeNHHD Food Truck
Food Service Letters   filetype Food Service Letters
Itinerant Vendor Packet
Procedure for IV Operations
  filetype Procedure for IV Operations
Permit License and User Fees
Food Service Licensing Flow Chart
 filetype Food Service  Licensing Flow Chart
Food Truck Licensing Flow Chart
 filetype  Food Truck Licensing Flow Chart


CDC Print Resources for Covid-19 Recommendations

FDA Retail Food Protection Educational Materials

Food Truck vendors interested in doing business at rest stops should visit the State website for information: