The Warren Kimbro Re-entry Project

The Warren Kimbro Reentry Project is a partnership of the University of New Haven, the CT Department of Corrections, the Community Action Agency of New Haven, Easter Seals Goodwill Industries and Project M.O.R.E. These local organizations assist New Haven residents during their incarceration three to 12 months prior to their release from incarceration and after they return home in the City. 

WKRP was created to help ex-prisoners upon their return to the New Haven community and decrease the recidivism rate in Connecticut. Roughly 100 incarcerated individuals return home to the city of New Haven each month. These individuals may require assistance finding shelter, employment, substance abuse treatment, mental/physical health treatment, and literacy and educational programs. The WKRP team is there to support this population and their families in the community.

Primary purposes for WKRP:

  • Prepare/provide individuals with resources to employment.
  • Obtain shelter for those returning to the city.
  • Provide direction to appropriate healthcare for the person's livelihood and development of physical and mental wellness
  • Most importantly, WKRP is there for community support and for supervision of each person we assist.

WKRP Goals:

  • All participants can return to their communities with good housing and jobs.
  • All participants can provide for themselves and their families.
  • All participants have the training and education they need.
  • All participants have their health needs met.
  • All participants can live their lives without being rearrested or reoffending.

How will this help me?

All participants in the Warren Kimbro Reentry Project will be matched with a case manager from one of the Community Reintegration Centers. These staff members will help you plan for your return to the community. This includes addressing any health, financial, housing, employment, family, and educational needs. These staff will continue to work with you for several months after your release.

Staff are especially focused on helping you with long-term health issues.

Who is eligible?

Eligible people are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Returning to New Haven
  • May be released to parole, probation, halfway house, or end of sentence.

How do I participate?

If you are eligible, staff from the Warren Kimbro Reetry Project will invite you to a meeting about the program. You will have a short intake so that your case manager can get to know your needs and skills. You will meet with your case manager to plan your return to New Haven. Over the next few months, you will be required to attend activities based on your needs.

Once you are released, you must check in with your case manager. You will then work with the case manager and support staff at your Community Reintegration Center for several months until all your needs are taken care of.

For more information, Contact:

Warren Kimbro Reetry Project
New Haven Opportunity Center, City of New Haven
316 Dixwell Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515
Office: 203-946-7119 or 203-535-5270