Wooster Square Monument Committee

Mission Statement

The goal of the committee appointed by Mayor Elicker is to determine an appropriate monument to honor the contributions of Italian American heritage in New Haven. The committee will research and develop the form and identity for a monument, statue or similar symbol of appropriate dimension and stature that represents the Italian American experience and placed atop the existing or, if necessary modified pedestal in Wooster Square Park.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are (1) The monument, statue or other symbol will tell, in its composition, a story of the dreams, persistent aspirations, hardships and family values established by those in New Haven of Italian ancestry; (2) Once completed, our hope is that the monument will be appreciated by all; (3) The new monument will be funded through wholly private donations. This is how the first statue was funded and the committee feels strongly that the new monument follows in the same path. The cost of the new monument will be determined through the selection process; and (4) The Committee will provide a permanent explanation of the monument’s history and purpose. (as amended 8/27/2020)

Current Committee Members