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Greater New Haven Transit District-Board of Directors

The legislative body of any municipality may vote to establish a transit district or to join with any one or more municipalities to form such a district. Any town or city within the New Haven Region may join the Greater New Haven Transit District upon application to said transit district and approval of such application by a majority vote of the board of directors of said transit district. Term of board membership is four years. 

Members of this body are chosen from among the electors of the constituent municipalities. The membership of the board of directors shall be constituted as set forth in Chapter 103a, as amended, or such other general or special act regarding representation on the board of directors of a transit district. New Haven’s mayoral appointments must be approved by the Board of Alders.  

For a full list of the board’s powers and duties under CGS Sec. 7-273d, click here

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Dem. Douglas Hausladen 200 Orange Street 3/31/2019
Unaff. Kevin M. Casini 43 Chestnut Street, #90 3/31/2021
Unaff. Daniel Scherban 395 Orange Street 3/31/2020

Dem. Ryan Knox 265 College Street 3/31/2021