Retirement Board Police & Fire Fund

The Retirement Board for the Police and Fire Fund is comprised of seven members: the Mayor; two members of the Board of Police Commissioners, two members of the Board of Fire Commissioners, and two employee representatives, one from each department appointed by vote of the membership of each department. Term of board membership is two years. 

Vacancies to the board are filled by the mayor; with the exception of the employee members, which are filled by vote of the membership of the respective department in which the vacancy occurred.  

This body acts as trustees of the Police and Fire Fund. They may invest and reinvest the principal and income of said fund in bonds and other investments, which at the time of purchase constitute legal investments as the laws relating to trust funds may permit. The city treasurer acts as its treasurer and the clerk of said fund shall be appointed by the board. All orders on said fund shall be signed by the clerk and countersigned by the president. 

For a complete list of the board’s powers and duties under Article XI, Sec. 201 of the City’s Special Laws, click here

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
  Justin M. Elicker
Mayor, City of New Haven  
  Michael Gormany
Acting Controller  
Dem.  Rev. Steven Cousin
Fire Representative
 105 Lowin Avenue 2/1/2019
Rep. VACANT   2/1/2019
Dem. Evelise Riberio
Police representative
74 Front Street 2/1/2019
Dem. Kevin Diaz 
Police representative
139 Dover Street 2/1/2019