Retirement Board City Employees

The Retirement Board for City Employees is comprised of seven members: the Mayor, City Controller, three mayoral appointees, and two members of the fund nominated and elected by members of the fund (no more than one of which at any time shall be from the same collective bargaining unit).  

Members are appointed by the mayor and approved by the Board of Alders. Term of board membership is three years. 

The retirement board works to submit annually to the Mayor a schedule of estimated appropriations of money necessary for the administration of the City’s retirement plan; and shall receive, control, manage and expend according to the provisions of this plan all of said fund, including any monies contributed by employees; and shall invest and reinvest all of said fund in accordance with the provisions of the general statutes governing trust funds. 

For a complete list of the board’s powers and duties under Article IX, Sec. 123 of the City’s Special Laws, click here

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Dem. Mario Zangari 360 State Street, #1401 1/1/2017
Unaff. Thomas Cama 744 Townsend Avenue 1/1/2019
Unaff. Cathy Graves 257 Stevenson Road 1/1/2020
  Justin M. Elicker
City Hall