Proprietors of New Haven Green

The Proprietors of the New Haven Green is a committee comprised of five trustees. Committee membership carries a life term. 

The five trustees act to preserve the Green's history, preventing its commercialization and ensuring that it remains an open and beautiful green space for enjoyment by the community. 

To Contact:
Committee of the Proprietors of the Common and Undivided Land in New Haven

50 Brewery Street

P. O. Box 8835, New Haven, CT 06511


Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
  Anne Calabresi See Above 1/1/2040

Julia McNamara

Pres. Albertus Magnus College

See Above 1/1/2040
  Kica Matos See Above 1/1/2040
Janet Bond Arterton
US District Court
See Above 1/1/2040
Robert B. Dannies, Jr. See Above 1/1/2040