Peace Commission

Appointed by the Mayor with APPROVAL OF BOARD OF ALDERMEN Per Section 160l/2-25, Article IV of the Code of General Ordinances TERM THREE YEARS (3) 

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
 Green VACANT   2/1/2009
Unaff. VACANT   2/1/2016
Unaff. Joelle Fishman 17 Hobart Street 2/1/2020
Dem. VACANT   2/1/2017
Unaff. Alfred Marder 20 Mumford Road 2/1/2020
Dem. Nakia Dawson-Douglas 84 Hallock Street 2/1/2019
Dem. Fortney Stark PO Box 201426 Yale Station 2/1/2020
Dem. Elena Vasquez 330 College Street 2/1/2018
Unaff. VACANT   2/1/2018
Dem. David Adams 95 Lyon Street 2/1/2019
Unaff. VACANT    2/1/2014
Unaff. VACANT    2/1/2007
Dem. VACANT    2/1/2010
Dem. Hon. Eli Sabin Board of Alders Representative 12/31/2021