Lead Poisoning Advisory Committee

The Lead Poising Advisory Commission is comprised of eleven members, including: A Board of Alders representative and member-at-large appointed by the Board of Alders' President; New Haven Legal Aid Assistance representative; health care providers; health department officials; representatives of the city's Livable City Initiative and its building division; an owner or operator, representative of the State Department of Public Health; representative of the local housing prosecutor; and a representative of the City’s corporation counsel.  

Members are to be appointed by the Mayor and must be approved by the Board of Alders. Term of membership is subject to the discretion of the Mayor. 

The commission works to promote and coordinate lead poisoning prevention and abatement efforts involving health care providers, the health department, the housing department, the building division of the Livable City Initiative and the judicial system. 

For a full list of the committee’s power and duties under Article III, Sec. 16-67 of the City’s General Code of Ordinances, click here

Party Affiliation Name Representation Term Expiration
  Tamanna Rahman Community Member (lived experience) 4/20/2024
  Kimberly Ploszaj CT Department of Public Health 4/20/2023
  Amanda Decew Health Care Provider Representative 4/20/2023
  Benjamin Trachten Landlord Representative 4/20/2023
  Amy Marx
New Haven Legal Aide Representative 4/20/2023
  Erin Nozetz
Health Care Provider Representative 4/20/2023
  Marjorie Rosenthal
Health Care Provider Representative 4/20/2023
  Meredith Williams
Health Care Provider 4/20/2023
  Ex-officio Maritza Bond Health Department Director  
  Ex-officio Patricia King Corporation Counsel  
  Ex-officio Dr. Mehul Dalal  Community Services Administrator  
  Ex-officio Jim Turcio NH Building Division  
  Ex-officio Serena Neal-Sanjurjo NH Livable Cities Initiative  
VACANT    CT Housing Prosecutor