Fair Rent Commission

The Fair Rent Commission is comprised of nine members, all of whom must reside in the City of New Haven. At the time of their appointment, at least five of the commission’s members shall be residential tenants living in the City of New Haven.  

Members are appointed by the Mayor and must be approved by the Board of Alders. Term of commission membership is three years. 

The commission conducts studies and investigations into rentals charged for housing accommodations within the City as it deems appropriate to carry out its duties. This body also receives complaints, inquiries and other communications concerning alleged excessive rental charges in housing accommodations within the City.  

The commission also conducts hearings, either on its own motion or on complaints or requests for investigation submitted to it by any interested person. 

For a complete list of the commission’s powers and duties under Chapter 12 ¾, Sec. 12 ¾-4 of the City’s Code of General Ordinances, click here.

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Dem. Kenneth Jones 37 Admiral Street 5/21/2020
Dem. Elizabeth McCrea 1456 Ella Grasso Boulevard 5/21/2021
Dem. Gary Monk 140 Fountain Terrace 5/21/2021
Rep. Douglas Losty
605 Valley Street 
Howard L. Boyd  819 Congress Avenue 
Javier Cabrera
200 Alden Ave, Unit 5 
Wendy Gamba
145 Lowin Avenue