Energy Procurement Committee

In September 2006, The Board of Aldermen approved the creation of an Energy Procurement Committee in order for the City to maximize savings, avoid higher energy costs and to explore other areas of energy conservation, cost avoidance and revenue generation that are financially beneficial to the City is in the best interests of the City and Board of Education. The Energy Procurement Committee, with legal counsel, consist of the City Controller (or Designee), City Engineer, Board of Education Superintendent (or Designee), City Purchasing Agent, and two (2) aldermanic representative appointed by the president of the Board.  All served as Ex-Officio members. 

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration

Michael Gormany, Budget Director
Chair, Committee Contact
Ex-Officio Member

City of New Haven
165 Church St 3rd Floor

(203) 946-6413

 Exp. Set by Ordinance
  Daryl Jones
Ex-Officio Member 
 Controller   Exp. Set by Ordinance
  Giovanni Zinn
Ex-Officio Member
City Engineer  Exp. Set by Ordinance
   Michael Pinto
Ex-Officio Member
 COO, Board of Education

(Superintendent Designee)

 Exp. Set by Ordinance
  Michael Fumiatti
Ex-Officio Member 
Purchasing Agent  Exp. Set by Ordinance
  Salvatore E. DeCola
Ex-Officio Member 

Aldermanic Representation,

Ward 18

 Exp. Set by Ordinance
   Vacant Aldermanic Representation  


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