Development Commission

The Development Commission is comprised of fifteen members: One member from the Board of Alders and fourteen mayoral appointees who reside in the City of New Haven.  

Mayoral appointees are chosen from the following sections of the New Haven community: Banking, public utilities, general business, education, private charitable, cultural or scientific organizations, real estate and city agencies. Members are appointed by the mayor and must be approved by the Board of Alders. Term of commission membership is three years. 

The commission is responsible for studying, investigating and appraising economic conditions and trends affecting the New Haven industry, business, commerce and its residential, recreational and municipal facilities.  

For a complete list of the commission’s powers and duties under Article III, Sec. 21-14 of the city’s Code of General Ordinances, click here

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Dem. Antoine Scott 84 Willis Street 7/1/2019
Dem. Kevin Ewing 271 Winthrop Avenue 7/1/2021
Unaff. Anthony M. Sagnella 86 Kneeland Road 7/1/2021
Dem. Miguel Pittman 82 Orchard Street 7/1/2020
Dem.  Margaret Lee
27 Eld Street Apt C  7/1/2021
Dem.  David J. Valentino
862 State Street Apt. 3G  7/1/2021
Unaff. Teresa Williams
24 Woodward Avenue, #48  7/1/2021
Dem. Hon. Charles Decker Board of Alders