Commission on Disabilities

The Commission on Disabilities is comprised of fifteen members: Seven persons with disabilities who are city residents; four city residents who are either the relatives of persons with disabilities or citizens active in the disabled community; and four representatives of disabled service agencies, all of which are city residents.  

All members are appointed by the mayor and must be approved by the Board of Alders. Term of commission membership is three years. 

Among the commission’s many responsibilities, they are responsible for seeking to reduce physical and attitudinal barriers confronting persons with disabilities. For a complete list of the commission’s powers and duties under Article II, Sec. 16 ½-16 of the Code of General Ordinances, click here

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Dem. Sally Esposito 50 Downing Street 2/11/2021
Indep. Billy Huang - Chair 265 College Street, #4J 2/11/2021
Unaff. Robin Tousey-Ayers
266 Canner Street 2/11/2021
Dem. Annie Harper
Dem. Arya Singh 100 Sachem Street 3/16/2023
Rep. Tricia Palluzzi
17 Hervey St.