City Plan

The City Plan Commission is comprised of seven members: Mayor, City Engineer, one member from the Board of Alders, and four mayoral appointees. Term of commission membership is four years.  

The commission is responsible for preparing and recommending development plans for the improvement of the entire city. These plans shall be designed to promote the coordinated development of the municipality and shall show the future general location, character, and extent of streets, bridges, boulevards, esplanades, squares, parks, playgrounds, playfields, aviation fields, parking spaces, public buildings, and the facilities and terminals of public utilities whether publicly or privately operated.  

For a full list of the commission’s duties and powers under Article VII, Sec. 3(L) of the Revised City Charter, click here

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Democrat Edward Mattison - Vice Chair 15 Anderson Street 02/1/2021
Democrat Leslie Radcliff, Chair
20 King Place 02/1/2022
Independent Ernest Pagan 1345 Lowin Avenue  02/1/2025
Democrat Hon. Adam Marchand Board of Alders 02/1/2022
Ex-Officio Democrat

Mayor Justin Elicker

165 Church Street  
Ex-Officio Democrat Giovanni Zinn, City Engineer
200 Orange Street  
 Democrat Elias Estabrook
129 Newhall Street 01/1/2021
Unaffiliated Edwin Martinez 360 Fountain Street, #15 01/1/2023