Capital Projects Committee

The Capital Projects Committee is comprised of nine members: City Controller, Board of Alders, City Plan Commission (mayoral appointee), City Planning Director, four mayoral appointees.  

Term for committee membership for city staff is two years, with Board of Alder appointees chosen annually.  

The committee prepares and proposes to the Mayor a program of capital projects which include: the acquisition of permanent property; equipment for any public betterments or improvement when first erected or acquired; major alterations and repairs to existing buildings or structures; and major pieces of equipment.  

For a full list of the committee’s powers and duties under Title I, Article X, Section 1-3 of the Revised City Charter, click here

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Unaff. VACANT   1/1/2010
Dem. VACANT   1/1/2016
Dem. VACANT   1/1/2016

Michael Gormany 

Acting Controller

200 Orange Street 12/31/2020
Dem. Hon. Rosa Santana Board of Alders 12/31/2020