Board of Fire Commissioners

The Board of Fire Commissioners is comprised of six members.  

Members are appointed by the Mayor and must approved by the Board of Alders. Term for board membership is three years. 

The board advises and consults with the Fire Chief concerning matters pertaining to the chief’s duties and to the conduct of the department. The board is also responsible for working together with the chief to make all rules and regulations relating to the administration of the department which it may deem necessary and advisable.  

For a full list of the board’s powers and duties under Title I, Article VII, Section 3F of the Revised City Charter, click here.

Party Affiliation Name Address Term Expiration
Rep. Maurice Douglas 83 Admiral Street 2/1/2019

Vincent E. Mauro, Jr.

24 Kneeland Road 4/20/2023
Dem. Rev. Steven Cousin, Jr.  105 Lowin Avenue 4/20/2023
Dem. Paul Nunez, Jr. 70 Marvel Road 2/1/2021

Wililam Celentano


64 Morris Cove Road 2/1/2021