Board of Education

The Board of Education is comprised of seven members, including: the Mayor, four members appointed by the Mayor; two members who are elected by education district (New Haven is divided into two education districts) and two  non-voting positions filled student’s from New Haven Public Schools.  

Members appointed by the Mayor must be approved by the Board of Alders. Term, in years, for board membership are as follows: appointed (4), elected (4), students (2). 

The board oversees the management and control of the department responsible for public education in the city. This body shall have the entire charge, control and management of all the public schools in the City, and of the expenditure of all funds appropriated for the support and maintenance of said public schools.  

For a full list of the board’s powers and duties under Title I, Article VII, Section 3A of the Revised City Charter, click here.

Party Affiliation Name   Address                                                     Term Expiration
Ex-Officio Mayor Justin Elicker  City Hall
 Dem.  Dr. Tamiko Jackson-McArthur 50 Bellevue Rd 12/31/2021
 Unaff Yesenia Rivera, President 133 West Rock Avenue 12/31/2024
 Dem  Larry Conaway 231 Colony Rd 12/31/2021
 Unaff Matthew Wilcox  1135 Forest Road 12/31/2022
Elected  Dr. Edward Joyner 130 Judwin Avenue 12/31/2021
 Elected Darnell Goldson  66 West Hills Road 12/31/2023
 Student Lihame Arouna   6/30/2022
 Student Anthony Fiore   6/30/2022