Site Plan Review

Pursuant to Section 64 of the Zoning Ordinance, a site plan application is required to aid the City in determining the conformity of a proposed building, use, or structure with specific provisions of the Zoning Ordinance as adopted by the Board of Alders.   There are two levels for site plan review:  Administrative and City Plan Commission.  The chart below describes the process for site plan review depending on the size / scale of the project.  


Project Scope and Type


City Plan Commission

(click here for the regulations / standards for review)


Administrative Review

(click here for the regulations / standards for review)


>/= 3 net new units

1 – 2 net new units

New construction or change in an existing use

>/= 5,000 s.f.

1,000 – 4,999 s.f.


>/= 10 spaces

n / a


Any drive-up service window

Any other use as specified by other regulation.

Note:  Section 64(f) is interpreted to be “net new” units, construction, parking,etc