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Demolition Permit Application
Note: Demolition permit is only demolishing entire structure, not Interior Exploratory Demolition. This application requires Zoning Approval – 165 Church St, 5th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510

The Building Department has transitioned to Electronic Permitting.
Paper applications will NOT be accepted.

The Building Department has computer terminals available in the office 

Apply for a permit, please click this link


When construction impedes on the City Right-of-Way (street & sidewalk) it is considered an obstruction. This includes (but is not limited to) any equipment or work being done on/over sidewalk or street.  (Scissor Lift, Lift Truck, Sidewalk Closure, Dumpster-in street, Scaffolding, etc.)

It is required you apply for an Obstruction Permit which can also be applied for online.
For more information regarding Obstruction Permits –
click here

Permit Fees

**Applying for permits online may incur a Processing Fee, not regulated by the Building Department or the City of New Haven**

Permit Fee Chart: 
Building, Sign, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC Permit Fees follow the below Fee Schedule

View 1&2 Family (Residential)

Fee Schedule

View 3+ Family, Commercial, Mixed-Use


Demolition Fee Chart:

Demolition Fees follow the below Fee Schedule
: (Note: This is for the complete demolition of a structure)

View 1&2 Family (Residential)

Demolition Fee Schedule

View 3+ Family, Commercial, Mixed-Use

Demolition Fee Schedule

Revised Estimate Fee Chart:
 (Definition: Revised Estimates - A change in the initial cost of a project.)
Revised Estimates are only in addition to an existing permit. If no original existing permit has been pulled see follow the below Fee Schedule

View 1&2 Family (Residential)

Revised Estimate Fee Schedule 

View 3+ Family, Commercial, Mixed-Use

Revised Estimate Fee Schedule

Any other fees are not included in the permit fee, additional fees would be as follows:
 (If applicable)

Certificate of Occupancy

Residential - $50.00 for the first new unit, and $30.00 for each additional new unit
Commercial - $55.00 for 20,000 sq. ft. and $35.00 for each additional 10,000 sq. ft. 

If the permit you pulled is to change what the building is being used for you will be paying for a new Certificate of Occupancy. (Example: Changing a 2 family into a 3 family or commercial space into an Apartment Building) Once all the work is inspected and approved you must request a Certificate of Occupancy from your inspector directly, prior to moving any tenants into the building. 

If your job does not require a Certificate of Occupancy, then you require:

Certificate of Approval AKA Certificate of Completion - $30.00
Once you pull a permit and pass all required inspections you may ask your inspector for a Copy of your Certificate of Approval, which states that the work under your permit has been inspected and approved and it is up to code. 

The only permits that do not require Certificate fees are Exploratory Demos, and Demolition of an entire structure, or if you are pulling a Plumbing/Sprinkler, Mechanical, and or Electrical Permit, only if it has a Building Permit that correlates with the work that is being done and that building permit has paid for the certificate for the job. If there is no building permit on file that corresponds with the work you are doing, then you must pay for the Certificate of Approval fee.

(Example: If you are installing a furnace and there is a building permit for a roof, the permits do not go together therefore resulting in payment of the Certificate of Approval Fee. If you are doing an Electrical Fit out for a new unit being built and there is a building permit to build the new unit, then you will not have to pay the certificate fee)

For information on the departments Refund Policyclick here.