Adult & Continuing Education

Adult & Continuing Education

580 Ella Grasso Boulevard
New Haven, CT 06519

Phone: 203-492-0213
Fax: 203-946-6384

Grade Levels: Must be 16 years old and Officially Withdrawn from Grade 9-12. Under 18 you must bring a parent or guardian.
Hours: 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Principal: Fallon Daniels
Assistant Principals: Toni Walker

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Mission Statement
The New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Program is committed to assisting students to achieve their personal, educational, and occupational goals. Various courses are offered to effectively develop the skills which will prepare our students to fully participate in society.

Adult Education’s Goals
To increase cognitive and critical thinking skills
To provide opportunities to attain a High School Diploma
To increase English proficiency
To offer Citizenship instruction
To offer lifelong learning opportunities
To inform all students of opportunities in higher education, employment, and community services
To increase information technology skills